DIW DC is pleased to advise that it has successfully completed its mission and has now concluded all of its activities or operations. If you would like to view archival information regarding DIW DC's body of publications, or other of its research and teaching activities, as developed while DIW DC was operational, please follow the links on this page, in particular to the Six Years of Service Report and the Testimonials. DIW DC is most proud of its many accomplishments and honored to have been able to serve the community for six years. DIW DC is also very appreciative of the great interest and support the community has shown in its programs and activities.
History, Accomplishment of Mission and Appreciation to the DIW DC Community
DIW DC was established and operated from Washington, D.C. as an independent nonprofit, nonpartisan, tax-exempt scientific and educational research institute. As so operated, its fundamental purposes were to engage in educational and research activities and to serve as a catalyst between academic scholarship and policymaking in the field of economics. A particular goal of the Institute was to provide the opportunity to similarly-focused German scientific and educational research institutions and NGOs to forge close links with research institutions and other economic and policy-oriented think tanks in the United States. Another important objective was to facilitate and promote the exchange and training of scientists and graduate students across the countries.
DIW DC is pleased to report that it has now achieved its goals and purposes in their entirety. Thus, the Institute has been instrumental in developing and fostering relationships with and among important US institutions and universities, and in facilitating memoranda of agreements between and among such organizations, so as to solidify opportunities for ongoing individual relationships at such institutions. By operating its unique academic, visitor and networking program, DIW DC has been able to set new standards for excellence in Washington, particularly as to its activities in relation to the doctoral program of DIW Berlin, a similarly-named, but independent, organization in Germany that from the formation of DIW DC shared its philosophical approach and engaged with DIW DC through 2011. At that point, due to its new scientific management, DIW Berlin terminated its internationalization strategy, and withdrew from any DIW DC related activities in Washington.
Thus, as of 2012, and after six years of dedicated service to the scientific community and towards forging transatlantic relationships, DIW DC has completed its mission and concluded all of its operations. In doing so, Dr. Amelie Constant, the founding executive director of DIW DC, justifiably noted: "I am extremely proud of the many achievements all of us at DIW DC accomplished, and now look forward to pursuing exciting new challenges. The full completion of DIW DC's mission and conclusion of its operations will enable me to more fully concentrate on such other research and teaching endeavors. Myself, the members of the Board and the staff over the years, all of us at DIW DC are tremendously grateful to all of the many friends of DIW DC - each of whom has helped to make DIW DC such a great success."